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Materials and Building Techniques

The process of building a tree house should be as organic as the growth of the tree itself. We listen to the requests

of our clients and ensure that their requirements mingle with the bows and branches of the tree. Branches are only removed if absolutely necessary as the balance of the tree and spreading of the load is vitally important.

Tree houses give a new and invigorating perspective. By virtue of its elevated positioning it leaves behind the mundane and opens up new realm of possibilities.

Tree house access

There are several options for accessing the tree house. For example suspension bridges or walk ways  can be utilised to span the distance from an embankment to the tree house, spiral stair cases are a less obtrusive means

of getting to the tree house and traditional stairs tend to be used for a relatively low tree houses or tree houses elevated with  poles. For the more adventurous, a rock climbing wall can be a means of reaching the tree house or platform.

Recommended Load Ratings

Each tree house has its own unique set of constraints. Therefore each structure that is built will be rated for the number of people that can access the tree house or utilise a bridge at any given time. Safety is always uppermost

in our minds and for this reason our engineer will provide a load rating specific to each tree house constructed.


As tree house builders, often the client may require the tree house to be connected to traditional services, like

ground based dwellings. This may include electricity, plumbing and telephone. In some circumstances an intercom is a great way to keep in touch with the house on the property.

Customised furniture

Many tree houses are designed and created with a specific theme in mind. In keeping with these themes we can produce furniture or other items that create the atmosphere that is intended for the space. Having a space which is different to the existing house can provide the escapism that is often sought after by the client and implemented

when designing the tree house.

Bungalows and guest rooms

What could be more spectacular than sleeping in your tree house  or offering your guests an unforgettable experience.  Sometimes tree houses are a place to visit during daylight hours, however we can design a place

where you or your guests can retreat for the evening. It may be the soothing sounds of rain drops on leaves or the light of a full moon filtered through the canopy of the tree, your tree house will be a special place to spend time.


There is a huge variety of materials that can be utilised to create your tree house. The style may be rustic, in which case we use recycled materials where possible. Cladding may consist of radial sawn timber, plywood, weatherboard, plywood panelling, vertical wood overlap or shingles. Wood is a classic form of cladding. The natural appeal, versatility and strength of timber make it a very good, worthwhile option. When the finish is applied, timber cladding enhances and compliments the surrounds, whilst having acoustic and thermal properties that create a space of style, beauty and natural appeal.

Building permit

The first step along this process is to have a chat with your neighbour to see if they have any objections to you constructing the tree house. When it comes to council, it can vary according to the size of the tree house. Permits

are certainly required for commercial tree houses or situations where services are connected. Usually kids tree houses do not require a permit. Larger tree houses, or tree houses with multiple rooms and platforms may need a permit but it will often come down to how big the floor area is, the height of the structure and the type of access to

the tree house.

For Further Details

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Looking For That Bespoke Treehouse

We are tree house builders who work Cheshire, Manchester and the UK., My Tree house team will prefabricate, deliver and install a tree house to your exacting requirements.  Onsite building is a significant aspect of the project, as the unique characteristics of the tree/s determine vital parts of design and construction.

Projects can range in cost from £1,500 to £350,000 depending on design, location, access and scope of work. The positioning of a structure amongst or in trees, leads to costs of construction that are unique. Growth of the tree, environmental influences, elevated platforms and the subtle interplay between the structure and branches requires careful planning, site specific engineering, arborists’ inspection, premium materials and high construction standards.

As each tree house is unique and the customised features are many and varied, we will visit your location for an assessment of the property for potential trees and discuss with you the specific features you would like to see in your tree house. Alternatively initial discussion can be through images and emails to determine the initial cost estimates.

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